We have 40 offline suites available across our facilities with over a 1 Petabyte of high bandwidth media storage allowing us to easily store and deal with the most demanding projects.

Our edit suites have the latest hardware and Avid software with Boris effects on request. All our suites are both spacious and modern, boasting lots of natural light, comfy sofas and large desks.

Multiple tech stations ensure that your team are able to edit whilst we work in the background ingesting music, downloading graphics, exporting offline viewing copies and multi-cam grouping rushes at a moment’s notice. This combined with our automated ingest system means maximum efficiency of edit time.

Our hospitality team look after every need from serving our freshly made barista coffee to collecting lunch orders for those days you just can’t get away from the edit. We also offer ‘Wednesday Treats’ to see everyone through the middle week afternoon ‘hump’. These fun – themed edible delicacies always bring a smile to the edits and have been known to include home made smoothies, Delightful cheese boards, Beverley Hills bakery cake baskets and white chocolate drizzled fruit kebabs.

Our friendly Runners are always available for each and every occasion and our dedicated Tech Team are just a phone call away.