Radiant offer a range of post-production services all supported by wealth of experience and technical advance facilities.

We have automated systems to deal with your material which ensures consistent and efficient results from ingest to delivery.

Our automated workflows allow us deal with
1000’s of hours ingest per day ensuring smooth and seamless production. Whether you have a
one off documentary or a vast multi-cam shoot, your material will be on our system ready for the edit within hours of arrival.

With over a petabyte of media storage at our
finger tips, we can hold vast amounts of material and deal with high data rate media ranging from HD through to the most demanding UHD/ 4K Productions and more.

Our facilities are linked with high speed fibre meaning we can easily accommodate all manner of demanding projects with flexibility on scheduling and workloads.

We can provide all types of deliverables from all tape formats through to file based deliveries including Digital Production Partnership (DPP) compliant AS11’s files as well as UHD & 4K masters. We have fast upload capabilities with our managed Internet access meaning you masters will be delivered on time.

We offer advanced frame rate conversion, AS-11 DPP delivery, Automated QC, DVD authoring and duplication and Worldwide digital delivery.